What’s needed?
A sac/bag.
A selection of unusual foods – coconut, mango, pomegranate, Sharon fruit, sweet potato, swede. Foods with some colour are easier for small children to find.

What age foodie? 2-3 years up.

What do we do?
Ask the children to close their eyes. Hide the foods as they count to 20. This can be done at home in the house, garden or a woodland.
Ask the children to find the foods using hot and cold as indicators. As you find the foods ask the children to name them, then go on to discuss a bit about each food.

Foodie learning:
Fuelling their imaginations, food naming skills. They can also feel the foods and describe how they feel – so with the coconut – very hairy!

At the end the foods can be washed, cut up and served on a platter.

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