Organix Cheesy Space Monster Fun Plate

Organix Cheesy Space Monster Fun Plate.

What’s needed?
Half a medium carrot, cut into thin julienne strips and lightly steamed, plus 3 thicker sticks
4 Organix Goodies cheese and onion lentil hoops
Half a cherry tomato
Half a slice of cucumber, with zig-zag teeth cut into it
Contains dairy

What age foodie? 12+ months

What do I do?

Step 1 – Place the steamed julienne carrot strips in a jumbly pile in the bottom half of the plate to form the space monster’s body.
Step 2 – Add the 3 sticks of carrots to the top of the carrot body to form the stalks of the monster’s antennae.
Step 3 – Add a lentil hoop to the top of each carrot antennae for the eyes.
Step 4 – Carefully break the remaining lentil hoop in half and place at the bottom of the plate for the feet.
Step 5 – Add the cherry tomato nose.
Step 6 – Finish the space monster with the cucumber slice mouth.

Eat straight away!

With thanks to Organix for recipe sharing.

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