Identifying Fussy Foodies – This fact sheet covers some of the key signs helping you to decipher if you have a truly fussy foodie or whether it’s just a phase.

Foodie Groups – The 5-A-DAY mantra is one that most of us know.  This fact sheet, however, takes a look at all of the ‘other’ food groups that young children also need. You can also check out our 5432 now and again concept…

Hydration – Watering our Little Ones – Little children’s bodies are mainly water.  Unfortunately, young children can’t always tell us precisely when they are thirsty so it’s up to us to give them the right types and amounts of fluids.  So you can find all of this information right here…

Festive Foodies – Festive occasions are fun times for children and adults alike.  In recent years, however, we have seen a shift in parent’s attitudes with many seeking out healthier options and inspirations for celebratory occasions. This fact sheet looks at how healthy foods can be given the festive edge.

The Ideal Lunchbox – Healthy lunch boxes are all about balance. However, knowing what this is and putting it into practice daily is not always easy. Research1 shows that only about 1 in 100 lunch boxes in England are actually in sync with our children’s nutritional needs.

Coping with Fussy Foodies – Fussy eating can not only turn the day-to-day planning of meals into a real headache for parents – it can take its toll on the social aspects of life.

Ready to Wean – So it’s almost time to start giving your child something other than milk. Getting ready for solids can seem like a minefield for many parents as there is a lot of conflicting advice about the ‘best approach’.

Parenting Styles -We all have very different tactics and parenting styles when it comes to feeding our children. These can vary from person to person and based on our day-to-day mood. Lack of sleep, energy and a child testing us at food time is no great combination for anyone.

Little Portions – Knowing ‘how much’ food to give young children can be difficult to judge. Young Children only have small tummies so it can be rather easy to over feed them. Based on own our experiences and general confusions about this we thought it would be useful to share a ‘quick glance’ portion guide.

Foodie Fingers – Finger foods are a great way for young children to get to grips with new foods. Some parents prefer to use this approach for all meals and snacks (aka baby-led weaning), whilst others may prefer to use a combination of finger foods and spoon feeding. Having looked at the research and from a practical viewpoint we think that a best of both approach is a good way forward.

The Green Stuff First – It was once common practice to give soft mushed fruits and rusks to our children as first foods. The harsh reality now is that we actually need to give sweeter foods LAST. Science has advanced tremendously and shows that we can programme and broaden our children’s palates right from the moment we begin feeding them.

Coping with Fussy Foodie – Fussy eating can not only turn the day-to-day planning of meals into a real headache for parents – it can take its toll on the social aspects of life. Going around to a friend’s house, out for a meal or on holiday can all become problematic when the question of what to eat rears its head.

First Foods – When it’s time to start giving babies their first solid foods it can be hard to know where to begin. Should the given food be blended smooth or textured? Should the feeding approach be baby led or spoon fed? Which foods should be given and which avoided? Add to this the amount of different advice online and off and it’s no wonder that many are confused at a time that should be enjoyable.