#Vegitup Rice


What’s needed?

Couple of broccoli florets

Couple of slices of coloured peppers

Handful of frozen peas or sweetcorn

5 tablespoons brown rice

One cup water (about 200ml)

Anything else that you can use up veg. wise.

What age foodie?  8 months and beyond. 

What do I do?

Chop up the veggies.  Put these into a pan with the rice, add the water and simmer until the rice is softened.  Drain and eat up.

What can it be used for? This simple rice dish is great in lunch boxes, as a super quick or Summer dish.  It can be spiced up with herbs and chillies if your little foodie has a taste for these.

Suitable for freezing. Freeze smaller (ice cube portions) for tots and bigger (small Tupperware) portions for older children.

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