#Vegitup Sauce

#Vegitup Sauce

What’s needed?

1 clove/spoon garlic

1 small tin reduced sugar baked beans (220g)

1 sweet potato

1 carrot

Handful of peas

Anything else that you can use up veg. wise.

What age foodie?  9 months and beyond. 

What do I do? Soften the carrot and sweet potato in boiling water.  After about 10 minutes drain, add the beans, peas and garlic and simmer until ready.  Use a hand blender to get it to the desired consistency. 

What can it be used for? This super sauce can be used to tingle taste buds when weaning just as it is.  As children get older it can be mixed with pasta and fish dishes or used as a sauce base for dishes.

Suitable for freezing. 

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